The Band of America’s Few is a veteran run nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Created in 2009, this unique band, one whose ranks are filled with retired and honorably discharged Marine Corps Musicians. Though no longer carrying an instrument in one hand and a rifle in the other, our members have continued their service to our country by taking on jobs such as teacher, nurse, police officer, and firefighter. Some are business owners and job creators. Others are truck drivers delivering essential goods across America. There are those who stay at home to take care of family; many volunteer. Their common bond? All have earned the title United States Marine and all have been a part of the active duty Marine Music Program.

Our membership is several hundred strong and ranges in age from our mid-20’s into our 60’s. What makes us truly remarkable is that we do not have a “home”, and no regular rehearsal location. The geographical location of our members creates a bit of a challenge requiring the utmost professionalism expected of Marines to overcome. We travel from all over the country to a gig location, many of us meeting each other for the first time. After a day or two of practice, we perform at events such as patriotic concerts, parades, or military tattoos.


To be the veteran community’s premier performing association for former Marine Corps musicians.

To preserve the time honored traditions of marine musicians and all marines, using representative music to inspire and instill patriotism.

We will engage and partner with organizations working with veterans and in their local communities by providing musical support, lending the expertise of our membership, providing an educational service, or volunteering manpower when possible.

To actively participate in, provide resources to, and support the work of our public schools in the pursuit of music education.


To embody the pride of belonging, dedication to duty, and Esprit de Corps familiar to every Marine in a manner appropriate for retired and former Marines. We will establish standards for ourselves that acknowledge our age, fitness levels, and civilian responsibilities but retain those aspects that make us unique as Marines and Marine musicians.

To provide musical support to organizations and events that embody our values and share our goals. Our support will be in line with our musical and military traditions. We will not limit venues, but will give priority to venues and audiences that value patriotism, martial music, and the values inherent in our traditions.

Board of Directors

Matthew Farquhar – Chair
Shannon Vanoss – Board Member
Mike Ferrara – Board Member
David Vita – Board Member
Thomas Mueller – Board Member
Bill Salter – Board Member
Michael Paquette – Board Member
John Glancy – Legal Counsel

Leadership Structure

I. Chief Executive Officer (CEO – Executive President) – Matthew Farquhar
A. BAF Secretary (Vice President) – Carrie Heavrin
B. Creative Director (Vice President) – David Vita
C. Music Library (Officer) - Carrie Heavrin
D. Drill Master (Officer) - Vacant

II. Chief Operations Officer: (COO- President: Current OPS) – Thomas Mueller
A. Operations Director (Vice President) – LaShay Woods
B. Human Resources (Vice President) – Amie Hellhake

III. Chief Financial Officer (CFO- President) – Mike Paquette
A. Comptroller (Vice President) –
B. Treasurer (Vice President) – Mike Ferrara
C. Grant Writer (Vice President)- Bob Kleinschmidt
D. Logistics Director (Vice President) – Vince DeMarro
E. Wardrobe/Uniform Officer (Officer) – Sharlotte DeVere
F. H&R Block Fundraising Coordinator (Officer) – Wayne Swann

IV. Corporate Communications Director (CCD – President: Future OPS) – Robert Orr
A. Public Relations (Vice President)- Dave Haskill
B. Webmaster and IT Director (Vice President) – Robert Pfluger